Our Mediation Services offer both parties to a divorce or paternity action a confidential way to solve problems with the assistance of a legally-trained professional mediator. Our staff of mediators are highly skilled with substantial experience in family law cases. Furthermore, our staff has the compassion to help our clients through difficult matters.

In mediation, the neutral third-party mediator assists both parties in sorting out their affairs, ranging from issues related to the children's custody and parent-time, financial issues such as alimony, child support, and debt division, as well as the division of real and personal property. Mediation is a useful tool, especially for those parties who are having difficulties communicating. It proves cost-effective when compared to the time, financial requirements, and emotional damage associated with a major divorce trial.

The resolutions derived from the mediation process are created, discussed, and accepted by both parties. When the parties come to a resolution of the mediation issues, and do so with full participation, the agreement reached is more likely to be followed by the parties in the future.

The benefits from mediation resolution can reflect each parties individual values and specific needs. Our experience has been that:

  • Parties control their own decisions;
  • There is less direct or indirect stress on the children;
  • Parties are more likely to comply with their final agreements;
  • Mediation is faster than litigation;
  • Mediation can be done with or without your attorney;
  • Mediation is less costly than litigation.